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Shortage of affordable homes and rentals is getting worse

Find out why and what can be done about it in the just-released La Plata County Housing Needs Study report.

The next Homebuyer Education Class starts September 11th

To sign up for this free, 8-hour course held on the Fort Lewis College campus or to get more information, email debra@rhalpc.org

Land Development

Land Development

The RHA Land Development program seeks to obtain donations of residentially-zoned land, to be transferred to qualified developers for construction of affordable housing. Currently, the RHA can only acquire land through donations. Donations are expected to be made primarily through the City of Durango’s Fair Share program. Our partner, the La Plata Homes Fund, operates a “developer support program” that can provide low-cost, early-stage financing to qualified affordable rental housing projects, as well as helping to obtain long-term subsidy financing.
RHA also has funded technical assistance for local governments to plan for development of affordable housing on public plan, and to evaluate developers proposals to build affordable housing within their jurisdictions.

Architectural Design
The RHA believes that affordable housing can also be quality housing. Depending on funding availability, the RHA can assist both non-profit and for-profit developers of affordable housing during the planning and design phase of a project to ensure that the highest quality product achieved.

Green Building
For the RHA, quality housing is synonymous with green housing – homes which are healthy for residents, the community and the environment.

For us, this means keeping housing affordable for residents by building as energy efficiently as possible and meeting or exceeding Energy Star standards to keep utility bills low; Building with natural, non-toxic and no-VOC materials to maintain healthy indoor air quality for residents; Building according to our climate by designing to shed snow, thoroughly insulating the home and taking advantage of passive solar heating and cooling by orienting living spaces to the sun.

RHA staff can assist both non-profit and for-profit developers integrate green building strategies into their project through the following services.


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Green Building Standards

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Energy Star

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National Association of Homebuilders Green Guidelines

Green Building and Community Development Innovators

Rocky Mountain Institute

RMI Built Environment Team

Enterprise Community Partners

Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)

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